Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Okkervil River

One of my favorite bands of the past few years is Austin's Okkervil River. A couple of days ago, NPR had a great story on the band and its lead singer, Will Sheff. If you like good music that has not been discovered by everyone in the world, check out the story here (don't just read it, listen).

You will get a taste of this darkly wonderful band, plus a bit of my second favorite Okkervil River song, The War Criminal Stands to Speak, from 2003's Down the River of Golden Dreams.

People compare them to The Decemberists (literate, acoustic), Bright Eyes (vocally) with a bit of Nirvana (power). I also think they have a bit of VOL in them, with an EMO singer, if that singer were a fan of Russian Literature.

Listen to and buy the CD here.

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