Monday, January 09, 2006

Helping Out Pro War Friends

As the War on Terror and Iraq continues, recruitment in the US Military still lags behind its previous numbers.** Although some just blame Congressman Murtha , the recruiters have had to soften requirements to make up for those poor numbers. Slate has an interesting article on the lower test scores now accepted.

Although I am a consciencious objector and practitioner of the spiritual Discipline of Non-violence who finds this war unjust and based upon flawed ideology and inept intelligence, which has made the US less safe and Iraq a haven for terrorism (I forgot to mention that it has been run with all the competence of an Ed Wood film project), I decided to quit whining and become part of the solution.

So, to all my readers who are supporters of this war and the President's agenda, I offer a few links to help you show your patriotism and national pride in the Red, White and Blue. I know my readers are not in the lowest percentile of potential recruits and want to actually step up to the plate and help the US in its time of need. So, instead of blogging from the comforts of homes, offices, schools and churches, why not join the military bloggers and actually show support through action, not just hollow words.

I would join you in this, but my dad (the one that fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam) won't let me. He feels this action is a waste of time, money and lives (but, what does he know?).

To help matters along, I offer links to the following sites:

First of all, here is a chance for all of the preachers, Seminary students, PhD students and professors to baptize industrial military complex:
1. Army Chaplaincy, Join now and receive a $6K bonus, which will pay for a new roof. At least you can become a Chaplain in the Reserves. Join Here. You have to act soon if you are close to 40 (that is the deadline).

2. Since, I am partial to the Navy, I invite you to click here to do baptisms on a ship (if you don't get seasick). Of course, the Air Force, needs chaplains too, even in its reserves. Click Here for reserves and here for general AF chaplaincy. You will have to find the Marine sites on your own, since my dad thinks they are a bunch of pagan jungle bunnies (a joke since my dad was a medic for the Marines for over 10 years and 2 wars- and retired in such a uniform).

To join as a non-Chaplain, click here for Navy, here for Air Force, and here for the Army.

Unlike Vietnam (when our president and former VP joined to stay home), you are almost assured a chance to serve in Iraq through the National Guard. So, here is a chance to serve only on the weekends, until you are called up. Click Here.

I hope this helps any Supporters of the War on Terror do an even better job supporting the war and troops (what better way to support them than join them, huh).

To all the Patriots sitting in the comfort of your own home, supporting the sacrifice of others in this war, take your place alongside the McCains, Murthas, Doles, Kerrys, Kennedys and Bush Seniors of the world instead of the Cheneys (and Bush Jr.'s in my opinion).

note these words, "What you have chosen to do for your country by devoting your life to the service of your nation is the greatest contribution any man could make." - JFK

* this is not meant as a slight on those that choose to serve in the military, only those that choose not to serve, although they are physically and mentally able, yet trumpet their patriotism and support of the military without understanding the true cost to American ideals, America's future, military personel and families, especially in light of the incompetence of Washington. This is directed at many of the Just War advocates on the Christian Right who would never consider risking their own lives in such an endeavor (since they are not CALLED to serve).

** some will point to November and December numbers thinking that means the recruitment slowdown is over. The numbers would not be down at all if every Baptist seminary student signed up.

yes, this is a pissy little posting serving only 1 purpose; to amuse me by riling people up. If you are not riled up while reading this, I apologize and commit to work harder next time.


PReSON said...

Some would say (not me of course), "Sell your SUV, and stop using propane to heat your house if you really want to do Something about global warming.
We all have things we disagree with and agree with for carious reasons. I think my point is that we all are trying to do the "right thing", some believe we need to protect ourselves by being proactive, others believe they should be passive about it, and try to talk and negotiate with terrorists. We all are after the "right thing" and one day, we will all find out that we were ALL WRONG!

jon said...

question - what do you mean when you say "Just War advocates on the Christian right"? I am a little bit to the pacifist side of Just War theory, but I still find Just War theory to be far to the pacifist side of anything that anyone has actually done in war. I've opposed Iraq since the beginning and do not believe that it fits Just War criteria, but we've probably fought it closer to the Just War fashion than any of the other wars in this nation's history. To sum this up, I don't like Just War theory being positively associated with pro-Iraqi war Christians

ER said...

Great reasoning. LOL.
I'll see you on the streets soon I'm sure.