Monday, January 09, 2006


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Old Buddy, Jeff Gentry puts this whole Book of Daniel hoopla into perspective thanks to his nom de plum, Chuck Smith.

I guess the Lord did not increase his territory.

The Southern Baptist Convention's new infomercial, called Caring People, which seems to focus on what a FEW Baptists do with very little convention money to help those suffering. Is this the truth of who the Southern Baptist Convention is, or how it wants to be perceived (is it true, PR or spin)? I offer no commentary. Watch Here.
Here is one guy's take on the whole thing.

I am usually in direct opposition to what Russ Moore and his think tank put out, but, I enjoyed this article which points out the need for Christians to be as suspicious of Big Business as they are of Big Government. Link
(for an example of why I usually disagree with him, read The Apocalypse at Christmastime)

An important Evangelical (and SBC leader at that) finally comes out against torture in a public forum. Of course, the argument against torture is so nuanced and categorized, you would never know it is Al Mohler writing (Al is usually so direct and potentially insulting when sharing opinions; it is interesting that he is so careful on this matter). Now that their leader has spoken, hopefully many on the right will take the lead and become prophetic on this issue and take it at least as seriously as they do The Book of Daniel, the War on Christmas and boycotting dolls. Link to Mohler's article.

Dang It, I missed Justice Sunday III. Stupid playoffs and Simpsons. I sure hope they should schedule IV before Spring Training begins.

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PReSON said...

How can someone get so famous and rich off of a 10 word prayer such as the "prayer of Jabez? Im shocked that he could even write a book about it.
Christians will buy anything.