Thursday, January 05, 2006

Piling on is sooo obvious

When the mighty fall, everyone piles on. So, goes the blog world (it takes a lot for me to blog about something I did not care about before, but enough is enough).

Why did Leinart think USC was the best team, when speaking in the heat of the moment at the very second his team lost for the first time in 35 games (last 3 losses of 3 points or less)? Was is because he is an arrogant p_ _ k, like Dustin says? Or, as Eric says, did he need a "reality check"? As Tim says, does he need to "be a man"?

(#11 congratulating Young after the game. Does this look like a jerk in need of some reality?)

If my team lost a game (after winning 34 straight) with 19 seconds left, due to 1 controversial call (which should have reviewed), a boneheaded play by the Heisman Trophy winner, poor clock management and scrambling by me the Heisman Trophy winning QB and a coach that was too aggressive on a 4th & 2, I may need a reality check. I would feel just like Matt. Anyone would.

In tennis, when you lose a point due to your own poor play (and not due to the play of your opponent), it is called an unforced error. As great as Vince Young played, he would not have beaten the Trojans if they had not beaten themselves

obviously the knee is down

unforced error by Bush

I don't even care about USC. Heck, UT is one of the only things I like about Texas (Austin is a cool town. It is the mortal enemy of A&M, whom I hate). But, lay off people.

Matt Leinart is one of the class acts of college football (even if he is too hyped). He took the time after the game to wait outside UT's locker room and congratulate the players, as did Reggie Bush. He stayed in school because he was having fun and wanted to be part of something historic (and not just make cash). What pro team would not want a player like that (sounds like he could be a Patriot- show me the rings/ not show me the money)?

Reggie Bush plays like a combination of Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and Gayle Sayers (I have seen the videos), yet seems to handle himself like Warrick Dunn (or Sanders). Neither of these guys is as cocky as Vince Young (don't get me wrong, I could care less if Young is cocky- "it ain't braggin' if you can back it up"). We will see if Young follows the Leinart track (road less traveled) or the Michael Vick track (road too often traveled). For his next team's sake, I hope he is a better NFL player than Vick (he will be).

So what if they are a bunch of Southern California kids with too much hype that beat themselves and had a 1 Man wrecking machine keep them down? They won 34 games in a row and made college football exciting again.

Thanks USC. I will miss you. And, Texas, I will thank you the second I hear Vince Young is coming back!

and props to Alex, who I remember calling it right before the game (where were the rest of the predictions by the pilers on?).


Alex F said...

Thanks for the props Rick. One quick comment about the knee being down: He was on the 4 or 5 yard line and, the way they were moving, they probably would have scored anyway.

But, as much as I didn't like the comment by Leinart, I think you're analysis is correct. Heck the guy just isn't used to losing and might not really be sure what you're supposed to say!

But ESPN et al hyped this whole thing up way too much (especially USC). Great great game though.

ER said...

And don't forget the interception that should have given Texas the ball instead of USC a touchdown, but we can do this stuff all day. USC did not hand the game to UT. Nor did the officials as Alex so graciously points out.

And for the record. Leinart came across as arrogant in his remarks (I would prefer that reporters leave athletes alone after a loss and let them process the event), and Leinart needed (and might still need) a reality check. They didn't lose. They got beat. It is o.k., embrace it and move forward. Just ask Vince Young about the Heisman. He made his statement in the same way Peyton Manning is making his in the NFL.

Leinart is a great QB who will do fine in the NFL.

As far as my predictions, I made none. It wasn't on the top of my list. Heck, I haven't even put my top albums of 2005 on the blog yet. My team, the other UT, was out of it, and I was disinterested compared to previous years. My family can attest to the fact that I said Texas matched up great with USC and that they are the team with the best shot to dethrone the Trojans due to their speedy defense, solid secondary, and the Vince-factor.

Piling on? No, not anymore than I do when I don't wait for clarification of a politician, celebrity, or anyother person's remarks. I didn't wait to read other people's thoughts and commentary and then decide to jump in there on that "arrogant, p%^&$" Leinart. I saw most of the game, heard his remarks and had the reaction that I had. It is the speed of the internet and blogging. Sorry I didn't wait around to see Matt greet Vince. Classy guy. His remarks came across the opposite unfortunately.

Anyway, Rick, I always enjoy your posts.

Happy New Year!

g13 said...

they're still showing football on t.v.?


Rick said...

yeah Gentry.. they didn't show Lost last night for the game.

Didn't you notice it was not on?

Rick said...

And Alex,

I did not mention the obvious catch and fumble which was blown even by the replay guys.

Changes the entire game.

for every 1 thing that could have changed it for UT, there are 2-3 for USC.

it does matter.

by the way, in a single elimination game (like football) you all know for sure the best team does not always win.

That is why every other sport has a series. the best team wins a series, not a game. I can point on many such times in football, as can you guys.

best team does not always win (and thank the Lord, because FSU got its first national championship that way, 1994 vs. Nebraska/ We beat UF in 96 much the same way in the final game of the season. They thumped us in the BCS. They were the better team, but we beat them the first time- we should have been Natl Champs, even though they were better/ FSU was better than Tenn in 1999/ The Bills were better than the Giants in 92/ I could continue).

Rick said...

Eric- I do not think you read other's blogs bfore posting. It was just an odd case of group think stemming from an offhand comment by an emotional player who happened to think he was on a better team.

I too wish they would get reporters off the field.

Also, I wish everyone had looked at Leinart's comments in context and give him the benefit of the doubt, based upon the entire night and his entire personality. It is too easy to grab one quote from anyone and judge a person based on that.

If it is Latrell's comments about $, then it is more warranted, based upon reputation.

BTW, I wish more people had noticed Ricky Williams a few days ago saying he was fine with the league mininum because there is no way anyone getting $500K per year is underpaid.

but these are just my thoughts

Tim Ellsworth said...


I'll echo Eric's comment. My post was made pretty quickly after the game ended. At the time I didn't know Leinart went to the UT locker room to congratulate the Longhorns. Good for him.

I still think it was a mistake on his part to say what he did, and I wish he would have shown more class. It's not a lot to ask him to give full credit to the team that just beat him.

That's not to ignore other ways in which Leinart is a classy guy. In this instance, however, he didn't show it.

Tim Ellsworth said...

Also, if you're considering me to be one of the "pilers on," my prediction (posted on my blog) was Texas 35-31.

Dustin said...

I agree with everyone who disagrees with Rick on this one. You can analyze how every play affected the outcome of the game, but the point is, Texas took the conditions they were given and won within those confines. USC did not. Texas Wins and ultimately I could care less about either team anyway, i just love seeing dynasties crumble. There's really no debate about the statement that Leinart made. It was arrogant and appropriately called a backhanded compliment by big bill simmons. There's no reason for trying to take away from a great performance by Texas by making an ignorant statement on national television. Sure USC might have won had they not done all the stupid things they did, but Texas wouldn't have won if they hadn't played the awesome game they played either. It really goes both way, and that is what makes a football game and football game, how each team performs.

Stephen Newell said...

Rick, Florida State was not better than Tennessee in '99. Any good Southern boy knows Tennessee had the total package. Some of our hillbillies even claimed God was on our side after the famous Arkansas game. *wink*

As far as Leinart, I don't know what to think and that's probably a good thing, especially considering that I have a low opinion of pro athletes in general.

Dustin said...

by the way, did you see Vince Young on Jay Leno? He was very humble! Jay asked him if he planned to go pro next year and he said, "i don't know, I've got a lot of thinking to do, the first thing I need to do is pray with my pastor and then talk with my family. I really would like to honor my mom however and get my degree." Pretty respectable dude.

jon said...

I agree with your entire analysis of the game.

And I think it's silly that all the attention is on the knee, when the catch/fumble you point out was far more important.