Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey Kids, this is Advertising


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the greatest evangelism project in 2000... no, wait (how long ago did Passion come out?)... 2 years (well, 1 year and 8 months or so)...or is it the greatest evangelism project for crappy food in 2000 years?

from CT comes this from Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis' step son.

CT: What would C. S. Lewis say if he knew Mr. Tumnus was going to show up in a Happy Meal? Would he roll his eyes?

Gresham: I don't think Mr. Tumnus exactly shows up in a Happy Meal. The premiums will consist of some very nice little Narnian gifts to play with.

Well, you get my point, right?

Gresham: I don't think Jack would be the least perturbed by that. The very thought that his Narnian characters would be given away to kids enjoying themselves in a fast-food restaurant—I don't think that would bother him at all.


kidpositive said...

it would only get worse if they started marketing the happy meals as 'turkish delight'.

Andrew Greenhalgh said...

Seems to me in all the hype I've read about this dadgum movie I read something about Lewis himself not wanting the books made into movies anyhow...Hmmm...

Dustin said...

I have Edmund and Lucy. I'll trade straight up for a Peter. What do you think?