Sunday, February 12, 2006

National Religious Campaign Against Turture

A group calling itself the National Religious Capaign Against Turture has released a statement that torture is a moral issue which it asked all readers to endorse and sign. I would have signed it, but my title as blogger with would have depressed me. I will leave it to those with better titles to sign.

I am glad to see an ecumenical group of Jews, Muslims and Christians of all stripes have been part of the initial signing (you know the celebs in the theological world who have titles signifying something). Among the Christian endorsers are the usual suspects like Wallis, Sider, Campolo and Hauerwas. However, I was happy to see David Gushee of Union University (an SBC school) and a VP of the NAE as signers also.

Sadly many important evangelicals representing major groups, schools and denominations were not part of the initial signing. I hope it was an oversight and not patriotic politics keeping them from standing with truth and justice.

thanks to Jordon for the link.

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