Sunday, February 12, 2006

NRA Poster Boy for Hunting Safety

Maybe we should all be glad he "other things to do" during the Vietnam War and never carried a gun in service to his country.

I guess he won't be on NRA recruiting posters for hunter safety. Luckily for his hunting partner, Cheney had personal physicians onsite.


Tim said...


Be nice. Believe me, getting "peppered" by bird shot is nothing like actually getting shot from a rifle or pistol.

And remember, some hunters are not only christians, but tree-huggers as well. :o) Now, please be nice.


Rick said...

oh I would never imply anything negative about hunters, only unsafe hunters who don't follow NRA hunter safety guidelines, even though I am not an NRA fan.

I did take gun safety classes as a youngster, even though I no longer pack heat and remember that I needed to be fully aware of my surroundings at all times. I also needed to look before shooting (I cannot remebee the details, but remember clearly be told to be very careful to not shoot with a moving gun pointed low, etc.).

That is why he should not be on NRA reruiting posters. Of course the owner of the land blamed the victim quickly (not surprisingly).

I make no judgement calls on hunters being environmentalists or Christians. Like you, I know plenty of them that are all 3.

However, it is a bit of irony that our "had better things to do during Vietnam" VP injures a friend with friendly fire.

I am all about irony.

Thanks for stopping by. I warn you, a new post will also be a bit fiesty, but hopefully funny.