Sunday, February 12, 2006

How to Destroy the Earth

I would like to offer Interfaith Stewardship Alliance, the dominionist group competing with the Evangelical Climate Initiative this wonderful new resource I stumbled upon.

As soon as they are through using up the earth and denying humans have had a negative impact upon the world, including climate change, they can use this helpful website which will give them resources for destroying the earth (geocide).

Packed with great tips, methods for earth destruction (including pulverizing it with a large blunt object, tearing it a new one, negating its existence through time travel and ripping it apart with Jupiter) and myths about earth destruction (it cannot be blown up by vacuum energy detonation), this site will be a source of fun for the Anti-earth lobby.

More on geocide
Pros and Cons for geocide

list of the signers of the dominionist agreement against climate change to help you see who would never let good science get in the way of politics and bad theology (included are theocrat D. James Kennedy, compassionate conservative Marvin Olasky, revisionist "historian" and theocrat David Barton and Richard Neuhaus)

signers of earth friendly and theologically responsible document (including conservative Evangelicals such as Leith Anderson, Paul Cedar, David Neff, David Dockery and Rick Warren, along with others like Mclaren, Sider and Crouch)

of course, just sitting back and doing nothing positive is always an option for earth destruction (although it would take a bit longer and be a tad less efficient)

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