Tuesday, February 07, 2006

(not so) Random Numbers from Harper's Index

Minimum number of Iraqi War veterans who have declared they are running for
Congress this year: 11
Number of those who are Democrats: 9

Percentage of Americans who say fighting terrorism should be one of the nation's

top two priorities: 6% (I think I know them all)
Number of people whom coalition forces have imprisoned in Iraq at some point

since March 2003: 43,526
Percentage of these who have been convicted of a crime: 1.5%

Average number of civilian policemen per every 1,000 miles in Darfur, Sudan: 7
Number of workplace arrests made by U.S. Immigration authorities in 1997: 17,554
Number in 2003: 445

Estimated amount the United States would save each year on paperwork if it adopted

single- payer health care: $161 billion
Percentage change since 2000 in the average amount U.S. workers send on

out-of-pocket medical expenses: +93%

Estimated amount spent in the US each year to treat ACL injuries to dogs: $1.32 million

Percentage of Americans who said in November that the Valerie Plame leak scandal
was of “great importance”: 51%
Percentage who said, two months before President Nixon resigned, that Watergate

was “very serious”: 49%
Percentage who said it was “just politics”: 42%
Years since a White House official as senior as I. Lewis Libby had been indicted

while in office: 130

Number of U.S. prisoners serving life sentences with no parole for crimes they
committed while juveniles: 2,225
Number of prisoners serving such sentences in all other countries worldwide: 12

Total service charges collected by U.S. banks in 2004: $32,000,000,000
Factor by which this exceeds the total from 1994: 2X

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