Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Crap that I have no Idea why it is important enough for me to waste valuable blog space and your reading time on

from the department of Told You So after the USC- UT officiating mess... You guys remember, I said the referees influenced the outcome of the game more than Vince Young. You guys took me to the woodshed (of course, you did not lay a hand on me, because truth trumps conventional wisdom).

For evidence that officiating has too much influence over games, that there seems to be no Bad Call Karma and the best team does not always win (just the most resilient team that survives) and that whining over officiating is not only an American Right and tradition, but a responsibility, I give you...

1. Darryl Jackson's grazing of the DB . So Kobe Bryant can clothesline a King in Game 6 of the Western finals, but no call and Michael Irvin (more on him later) can make a career of pushing off, but a Tampa native Seahawk touches the hands of a cornerback and he is called for PI, on a touchdown?
2. Phantom Hold on Seattle's #75 in the 4th, which nullifies 1st & Goal and sets up interception + gadget play TD for Pittsburgh.
3. Goal Line apparently moving toward Big Ben on Steelers first TD.
4. on and on and on... final score should have been Seattle 28, Pittsburgh 13 (and I wasn't going for the Hawks).

#5. Is the ACC officials (who were subsequently suspended) handing the #2 Blue Devils an overtime victory over my beloved Seminoles (at Cameron) by not calling a foul and the final FSU drive to the basket and the unnecessary technical foul on an FSU player (story here).

This has been a bad 12 months for refs. With the egregious calls and poor officiating changing the possible outcome of play off games (Denver vs. New England, Pittsburgh vs. Indy), freakin' Super Bowls, college basketball games (and pro), The Contender rematch, the World Series and playoffs, National Championship BSC games and BSC bowls (FSU vs. Penn State), along with saving the stupid Gators' football season and recruiting class (see Vandy and the bowl game), I do not know how much longer I can watch sports that involves any judgment calls.

Maybe I will start watching things that involve races and clocks, as long as no judges, refs or officials are involved.

2 other notes...

1. I am an admitted hypocrite. Although I have renounced violence and am committed to a Christian spiritual discipline of non-violence (kinda like pacifism), stay away from violent films as often as possible and hate the media's glorification of violence, I am a sucker for violent slapstick humor when it is out of place and shocking. In other words, the highlight of the evening for me was the Sprint locker room ad which ended with a guy getting hit in the head by a cell phone. Give me that over monkey's in suits (which are funny, but were funnier last year), mortgage firms not judging quickly (better last year), slutty models and former Christian singers, diet Pepsi stunts and retreads of Clydesdales playing football.

2. Michael Irvin was robbed. I hate the Cowboys and have no love in my heart for Michael Irvin, but he should have been voted into the Hall of Fame. It is a joke that he was not. Those sportswriters are pompous, hypocritical, blind idiots.


Alex F said...

I agree with you about questionable officiating in the Super Bowl

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe the calls Sunday night....I'm non-violent....but if I had a high powered rifle and happened to be at Ford Field...

(just a leg or an arm)

g13 said...

whoa! would you have been the last boyscout anonymous?