Thursday, March 09, 2006

House Church degrees of separation

You have probably seen it, but here is Time magazine's article on the House Church movement. The cool thing about some of the mainstream press is this the connection I have to some of the profilees. Tim Pynes, the leader of the House Church in Denver profiled in the article and I were part of the same small group in the same church while in seminary in Fort Worth in the early 90s. We never talked about house churches in our small group, and, if I remember correctly, we usually caused difficulty for our small group leader (too much shenanigans, joking, etc.).

In 2003, the Associated Press ran a nationwide article on House Churches and their connection to the emerging church movement, focusing on our little gathering in Boston. It garnered wide-spread attention and led to 4 minutes of fame for me and our musician, Craig, who was pictured in the article. Here is the article.

So, while some seminary friends end up running seminaries, denominations and mega-churches, my little group of wanderers provided 2 mainstream articles on house churches. Keeps me humble.

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Tim Pynes said...

Nate and Sarah Shultz are in our house church. I have shared with him some of my best "Rick Bennett" stories from our days "prostrate to the higher mind" at the "world's largest seminary."

Still in touch with Will or any of the other guys?

Say "hi" to J. Vestal next time you connect.