Thursday, March 09, 2006

quick fixes

1. Time Magazine's Michael Lemonick believes intelligent Design is dead, based upon their own polls and an important report on the present evolution of humans. Click here

2. Coalitions Manager and Associate Editor for points out that the Evangelical leaders that signed the Climate Change Initiative are not trained in science, so therefore they are being led astray by dubious science and economics. Thank God for Coalitions Managers to set preachers and scientists straight. Click here for a laugh

3. Yet another mainstream press, Bush hating, peacenick with no understanding of national security or the importance of America's role in defeating terrorism has decided that this war in Iraq has been a failure and has not worked because of poor decision making and misunderstanding of the situation we faced in Iraq. His name is William F. Buckley and he should be ashamed of himself for hurting the moral of our troops, encouraging our enemies and not getting into lock step with the Right Side of the issue and just continue to support the President in whatever he does. Click here for this Leftist drivel from National Review (commie paper)

4. A pastoral approach to creation care, entitled tending the garden

5. Environmental magazine Orion defends truth, stewardship and neighborly love in reminding fundamentalists what they need for salvation. Excellent and challenging read here

6. concerned about ending the epidemic of human trafficking and slavery? click here or here

7. The campaign to defend the constitution presents an ad connecting Abramoff to Religious leaders. Click here for the pdf/ World Magazine and its publisher (Olasky) have been particularly harsh on Christian leaders connected to this scandal (good for them). Click here

8. The Washington Times on Christian Evangelicals bolting the Republican Party here

9. A leader in the Family Research Council informs us that helping the poor and other issues of life and death are not tenants of the Catholic Church. I am sure the Pope would be surprised.

10. Everyone has read it, but it would be wonderful to think critically about one thing Malcom Gladwell said when interviewed by Bill Simmons. part 1 and part 2. He notes that conservatives who believe in personal responsibility with no regard to environment become liberals when speaking of sports figures. He says,

But one of the fascinating things about sports, it seems to me, is that when
it comes the way we think about professional athletes, we're all liberals
(without meaning to be, of course). We give people lots of chances. (Think
Jeff George). We go to extraordinary lengths to help players reach their
potential. We're forgiving of mistakes. When the big man needs help with his
footwork, we ship him off to Pete Newell for the summer. We hold players
accountable for their actions. But we also believe, as a matter of
principle, that players need supportive environments in order to flourish.
It would be nice if we were as generous and as patient with the rest of
society's underachievers.


james said...

My favorite quick fix was number 3. Your statement was well worded. And Buckley's article very good!

Anonymous said...

It's washington monthly, not wash times. The Wash times would never have such an article...