Monday, March 13, 2006

Another group of "scientist" swayed by the MSM's Pro-Earth Pagan Agenda

Yet another group of people has been swayed by the Liberal propaganda telling us that there is such thing as this preposterous "Global Warming."

First most of the scientists were swayed by liberal environmentalists. Then came the so-called Mainstream Media. After that most of society bought into this notion. We even found out last month that so-called Conservative President Reagan comission study of this subject and his main scientist is still a believer. Finally, last month a bunch of "know nothing" Pastors and Evangelical leaders got on board, not understanding that since they are not educated in such a field they can be swayed by this junk science.

Will the insanity stop? Today another group of people that do not understand Science or the Earth as much as Conservative economists and a few scientists working for such groups has popped up. Not listening to the voices in the Administration that knew there was no consensus on the issue of Global Warming, the Chicken Littles at NASA (seriously- what do they know about the environment or earth- they work in outer space) has decided to weigh in on the side of the liberal media and junk scientists who want to profit on global warming.

They have bought into the hype and no longer listen to the voices of reason that have nothing to profit or benefit from being anti-global warming. Can't they see that oil companies, war mongers, Libertarian groups, environmental polluters, Free Market advocates and End Time theologians have nothing to gain from denying global warming exists? Can't NASA see that by throwing its weight behind this unproven notion, they give credence to the extremists that think human responsibility is something that should be taken seriously? When will it stop?

read here about the NASA duping (it also has many links in the story and sidebar about this issue- only for those believing in this junk science)

NASA study


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