Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Final 12 on American Idol

Apparently tonight marks the beginning of American Idol's 5th season in earnest now that we have ridded the competition of its less talented singers and only have the Top 12. I know this because of the barrage of press and banter among friends and coworkers. Evidently, I am among the 7 people in America that have not caught AI Fever.

My predictions for the season?

1. I won't be watching
2. I won't be buying any albums by winners (or losers)
3. I won't be entering any betting pools
4. If I did watch, I would find myself enjoying no more than 15% of the music
5. My wife would like to watch if she did not live with an ogre (and she was willing to spend 22 hours per week in front of the TV)
6. Paula Abdul will be accused of sleeping with a contestant or coming to work high on prescription meds. She will say her behavior is caused by a lack of sleep well due to Simon's snoring
7. Simon will be an Arse to every contestant on numerous occasions
8. I will watch less TV and read more books (Oh, thank you Fox and Reality TV)
9. I will have nothing to talk about at the water cooler
10. American ability to discern quality music will decrease by 5.4% (it is down 31% since year 1)

1 comment:

g13 said...

people bet on american idol? that's the most pathetic thing i have ever heard.

i was talking to a co-worker today who claims to be a huge baseball fan and even has season tickets to the sox. when i asked him if he watched the venezuela/dr game last night (which was excellent btw) he said that he turned it off to watch american idol.

what a douche. if he didn't have season tickets, i'd have to stop being nice to him.