Tuesday, March 14, 2006

less television to waste my life watching (my descent into irrelevance continues unabated)

I have but one thing to say about this year's NCAA tournament.

Just Say No

For the first time ever, I will attempt to pay no attention to the madness. I could say that I have decided to give it up for lent (Which, by the way, would be a great thing to give up- many wives are with me), but the real reason is the snub of FSU.

I could not give a Blue Devil's butt if FSU's strength of schedule was low. Its RPI is as relevant to the situation as Adam Morrison's facial hair. Whether or not FSU played patsies out of conference concerns me less than . So what, they lost in the 1st round of the ACC tournament. There are more important factors at play.

All I know is this...

1. FSU plays in the ACC (remember them? before the Big East decide they were the British empire of the 19th Century the ACC was actually relevant)
2. FSU went 9-7 in the ACC (back in the old days of 2003 and before a winning record in ACC was an automatic NCAA bid)
3. They were the #5 team in the ACC
4. They beat the #1 seed in the tourney (Duke lost 3 times all season)
5. Let me repeat that, they beat the #1 seed in the tourney (and everyone knows they actually beat the #1 twice)
6. If it were not for a phantom double technical in their 1st meeting, FSU would have beaten Duke twice. In fact, the officials were reprimanded for this debacle and FSU lost in overtime TO THE #1 SEED in the TOURNEY. If you beat the top team in the tourney and you win 19 games you must be in the dance.
7. Is Air Force better than FSU? IS Utah State better than FSU? IS Bradley better than FSU? Could any of these teams beat Duke?
8. FSU has proven that on any given night, they could play well enough to beat any other team in the nation. It is quite scary to have a borderline team so frightening to the rest of the nation.
9. Coach K believed FSU was one of the better teams in the nation (top 25)
10. They got AP votes for the Top 25 last week

#8 is the reason they are not in the tournament

I hope the rest of you enjoy the royal waste of time this year's NCAA or should I say Big East Tournament part 2 will be.


james said...

I think no one will argue with you on this one. The seeding was an absolute mess this year, if not somewhat tragic.

But I recall you said to me last year in my misery over KU's early loss, that it was the actual games being played that made all the difference. The great match-ups, the skillful play, etc. I think you even mentioned that it was even one of the best tournaments you'd ever watched, essentially indicating that all team loyalties aside, the tourney was well worth watching for the great match-ups alone.

I would encourage you to do the same. Not taking a jab or anything here, but just noticing that we're kind of standing in one another's shoes this year. Just wanted to offer you some of the same positivity in salvaging the tournament experience, which you once offered to me.

cade said...

i completely agree about fsu not being in the tourney. i could name at least 5 teams that deserve it far less than the 'noles.

that said, i still don't see how this consitutes a waste of time. would i be pissed if *shudder* KU didn't make it? you bet. would i still watch the tourney? you bet. heck the royals haven't been to the playoffs since reagan (with no hope anytime soon, mind you) and i still enjoy the world series every year.

yeah, the committee bit it hard this year. but the games will still rise to the top.

as i told james last year, he missed enjoying one of the best tournaments in history last year following the bucknell debacle. it's still the best postseason going. and i am sorry you are opting out.

not arguing with you, just presenting my pov.

steven said...

Another whining Seminole? So tired, Rick. GO GATORS! ;)

By the way, since you're not watching this year, maybe you could just tape the Gators' run to the championship (or more likely second round loss) and send it to me. :)

james said...


Not cool man.

steven said...

I thought the winking ;) would make up for piling it on so thick. For what it's worth, I haven't seen a college basketball game all year, so it is entirely possible that FSU deserves to be in the dance. Then again... probably not. ;) <- notice wink

Rick said...

Cade and James- Thanks for the encouragement.

I differ on this- It is the American Idolization I hate with the NCAAs. Yes, it will be cmpelling BBall, but to not let me boys have a chance.

If they made it like KU did last yeat, but lost in the 1st round, I could handle it a bit better- because they were given the chance and flubbed it themselves (not some university ADs). I just think we are not seeing the matchups we should with AF and Bradley instead of Cincy and FSU (even if we both lost in round 1 or 2).

I mean, I still enjoy things when my team is not there, but in many sports they are not there because they either (1) don't compete at a high level (see Cade's Royals and Rick's Arizona Cards) or (2) They did not win enough games to get in to the dance (But FSU did this and beat big boys).

This is beginning to look like the BSC BS, in my opinion.

Yes, I will eventually turn on the TV and see what is happening, but I am going to stay bitter the entire time. I actually hope FSU loses int he first round of the NIT, so I cannot think "what could have been."

Steven- Don't you have something better to do than follow Basketball in Africa? Leave that to the fat lazy Americans.

Alex F said...

The Noles were totally screwed, and I share a little of your bitterness. Though I haven't watched much hoops all year, I can't turn off the TV this time of year.... even with Billy Packer yapping.

Dustin said...

Yes, I completely agree that they got screwed but luckily I could care less about FSU or if they ever make it in the tournament again. GO NCAA TOURNEY!

Dustin said...

actually, let me continue, not only that but FSU had no chance of winning the whole thing, let's be honest. Obviously neither does Air Force but who cares. They are both in a losing battle. It's not like it's football! Now there I could see your point, but this is pointless. they would have been lucky to make it to the second round.

james said...

Man Rick, this is great. You drop a post about your frustration with the tournament seedings, and FSU getting screwed and everyone just rubs your face in it. A stern loyal backing you have here.

Had this happened to me last year during KU's first round loss i fear my journey toward pacifism might have been stunted.

Rick said...

You know Dustin is a graduate of the distinquished Lincoln Christian College (like Gentry), known for its dominant Basketball program (pickup w/ local hayseeds).

So, I taske Dustin's taunts in stride. He who has not, taunts.

Dustin is bitter because he is surrounded by FSU grads.

Dustin said...

I guess I just excited that my Fighting Illini have no such problems making the tournament every year. Actually, neither did Southern Illinois or Bradley University. Bradley University for God's sakes! Ok, i need to stop, now I'm proving your point.

james said...

I think it's funny that most LCC'ers have nothing to brag about concerning their sports program so they just go with the next closest thing on the cornfield. Namely, the Illini. I even grew up in Illinois and know better than to root for them.

(just joining the jestery forray. no ill feelings here.) :)

Dustin said...

yeah, there is definitely nothing good about the LCC Preachers. They are like a mediocre intramural team at best.

Dustin said...

not to mention that every head coach at LCC right now is like 23 years old. I'm not joking! Hard to take a sports team seriously when all the head coaches are people that were freshmen when I was a senior 5 years ago!

Dustin said...

After relooking into the FSU situation I have redecided that they certainly didn't deserve to be in the tourney regardless if they beat Duke or not. They didn't play anyone else. Their RPI is the second worst in all of college basketball. Every ranked team they played (besides the last Duke game) they lost.

So let's take a look at the resume. They beat:
Purdue 9-19
La Monroe 10-18
Tex South 8-22
BGU 9-21
Stetson 14-18
Campbell 10-18
Nebraska 19-14
Va Tech 14-16
Virginia 15-15
Wake Forest 17-17
Miami 18-15
Clemson 19-13
Ga Tech 11-17
Umass 13-15
Maryland 19-13
Butler 20-10

Th2y beat 5 teams that had an over .500 record. They lost to every team that had an ounce of talent on it. This isn't near the snub I thought it was. They definitely deserved the NIT.

So why should they have been in the dance again????