Thursday, March 23, 2006

just go to Jordon's blog and click on his links

Jordon reported on these things earlier this week, but I know Dustin, James and Jeff (along with anyone else missing this stuff) may not have seen these things and would love them.

First of all, here is Think Progresses Timeline of the "War" in Iraq. It is quite depressing (even though it is biased against the wonderful job our CIC has done leading this debacle, I mean, freedom spreading excercise).

Also, you must see this short film called McPassion. It is entirely worth blowing off 5 minutes of your life. Tell me what you think.

It calls itself "The greatest story ever toldand a fast food giant unite to deliver the tie-in of tie-ins."
While supplies last.


Dustin said...

wow, i'm speechless. i can't believe that video! oh my. I feel dirty.

g13 said...

ugh. that time-line is heartbreaking. i cannot believe that people i respect still support this war.

God have mercy.

james said...

Dude, the McPassion Meal...somewhat painful due to the fact that it is probably a little too close to home for our culture. But still remarkably funny.

i think my favorite's were the shroud of torin napkin and the simulated leather cat-of-nine-tails as well as "clinking hammer."

Didn't we see a bit of this with the Narnia toys?