Friday, March 24, 2006

out of the closet, again

I am going to admit something many of you will find quite disturbing and cause you to openly question my character...

I like Duke.

I was sad to see them out of the tourney. "What?!," you say. How can I like the Yankees of College basketball? As I admit this, I must say that I am not proud to like Duke. I do actually hate the Lakers, the Yankees, the Hurricanes and the Cowboys. It is my feeling that, based upon my hatred of other superteams, I should be allowed one embarrassing love affair.

I attended an ACC school, yet don't hate Duke. Why not? They have a wonderful Coach (who, unlike the great Dean Smith, never disparages opposing teams or players), great academic program, produce good NBA players that are high in character and have a great Divinity School to boot.

Should I hate them because they recruit well and always win? Should I hate them because their smart fans are obnoxious? Why else, then?

I think it started in the early 90s when they beat the UNLV juggernaut and participated in the greatest game I have ever seen (vs. UK, with the Laettner turn around).

Okay, that is off my chest. Let the beating begin.


Dustin said...

As a fellow Yankee/Cowboy/ hater as well as a Duke/USC hater i do have to say that I have a lot of respect for their Coach, no question there. And I thought what he said after the game was the classiest thing in the world but I still don't like Duke and I enjoy seeing them lose. I think it has something to do with their players being so whiney! Everytime Reddick got blocked (which was a lot) or got the ball stolen from him (which also was quite a few times) he looked like he was going to cry. I don't think he's ever seen that in your face defense before, don't cry about it, play more physical. It was like everytime something bad happened he was expecting the refs to bail him out. I guess that's because they normally do; say what you will about the Duke gets all the calls controversy. He must have been shocked to of actually played a real basketball game with real officials who made real calls! Same could be said with McRoberts (although he did have a few sweet dunks) and the other whitey (forgot his name off hand). Sheldon Williams had a great game however, he's a tough player but it was fun to see him get blocked 6 times as well. Honestly Duke looked startled that they were being so outplayed. They looked like scared little children and they didn't know what to do. I enjoyed that! Go LSU!

ER said...

I am glad you are out of the closet. I never knew that you were a Duke fan in the early-mid 90's. Good to get it out in the open after all these years.

laci said...

hi. my name is laci, and i like duke too. just ask tim conder...

rudy said...

you like duke. that changes everything. now i'm going back and thinking about every interaction i've ever had with you via email or blog or in person and the colors are changing, the tone is changing, everything is changing through this one filter

on the other hand, duke and duke fans will be watching from afar as UCLA wins the national championship this year. so maybe it's not all that bad

Rick said...

Now Rudy, notice I never said I was a Duke "fan." I would never disignate myself as such. I merely like Duke.

I have never bought anything Duke related (unless you count books by Hauerwas, Willimon or Hays). I have never Actively participated in any Duke rleated activities or acted like a fan.

I just cannot help the fact that I enjoy watching them play. I find myself rooting for them in certain situations and I am not at all bothered when they win NCAAs.

I cannot tell you why I feel this way. I would compare it to having a crush on the snobby, but very hot girl in High School. She has been nice to you a couple of times and you find yourself enamoured by her, even though you know she is not in your league and would never go out with you. Your friends make fun of her, but you don't say anything.

That is me and Duke. I have nothing against them, even as an FSU person. It is strange. I do not hate any ACC school besides Miami. I should dislike UVA, but I want my kids to attend there. I don't particularly like VaTech, but FSU has their number.

As I have stated I did not like UNLV in the early 90s and Duke beat them in the NCAAs when they were supposedly unstoppable. They also beat that amazing UK team in the greatest game I ever saw.

I think that is it.

I have not rhyme or reason for lacking proper hatred.

I knew it would be cruel punishment.

And do not worry, if it comes down to UCLA vs. Florida, I will become the biggest Bruin in the world. The idea of UF winning the national championship is such a repulsive idea, I cannot even share it properly.

james said...

I'm still seeing some interesting parallels between my feelings on the tournament from last year, and your feelings on it this year. Our teams are out early, and the team we most despise stands a chance to win it all. Interesting.