Monday, March 20, 2006

Need Help from my Right Wing Friends

Perusing local blogs this weekend I came upon a story I missed in the Tampa Tribune (probably because I read the St. Pete Times). Apparently former professional wrestler (he was a Killer Bee?!) and Republican County commissioner Brian Blair has been attempting to sue Carrabbas (restaurant chain) for ruining his wrestling career.

Brian has been a strong supporter of the hardline Christian Right and is becoming a powerful conservative Republican. He is an active Baptist and has probably heard prohibitions against frivolous lawsuits in the Scripture. As a Republican he has probably heard about the wedge issues concerning such lawsuits and their part in the destruction of America.

My question for him and any members of the Republican Party and Christian Right is this... how do you justify suing a restaurant chain for ruining your career because you tripped on dirty dishes? How do you preach against frivolous lawsuits and do this? What makes a lawsuit frivolous? I think I know the answer.

When someone else is affected and doing the suing.

Thanks to Sticks of Fire for the heads up .
link to the story


Rick said...

These dudes dress like this and they are straight? I don't believe it. The guys are poster boys for the gay life.

Funny how testosterone and conservative views of God go hand in hand.

g13 said...

ah...big mullets and jauntily packaged units. what's not to love?

tommy said...

that photo is never not funny! Thanks for the link!