Sunday, March 19, 2006

random observations from the Land of Mouse

  • I wish I had the pictures for proof, but apparently Milli Vanilli is still around. They are working as dancers at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom during the Cinderellabration.
  • Princess Jasmine cares more about showing off her six pack abs to a bunch of small children than she does about dancing with Aladdin during aforementioned event.
  • The Beast turned into not only a prince, but into a flaming metrosexual prince.
  • Are all kings doddering old widower fools? Have they killed off all the queens? Is this evidence of inbreeding? Doesn't Cinderella (or every other future princess) notice this? Doesn't this concern her for the future of her Prince Charming? When does the transition begin from Prince Charming to senile old coot? Has there been a university study related to this subject?
  • This is a girl's park! There are no Aladdin T-shirts, no Prince Charming to wait in line to meet, no Beast dress up costumes and no Prince Eric-abration. Boys can get mouse ears, meet Donald Duck or Goofy, coon skin hats and muskets. Girls get everything else.
  • They call it "The Happiest place on Earth," but at 5PM parents may find out that the Magic Kingdom is a dry campus. I told the worker that informed me of this fact that this could not be "The Happiest Place on Earth"if a dad could not get a Sam Adams.
  • Some parents take this place entirely too seriously. These are not the Happiest People on Earth; running over others to get a better spot in line, video-taping every incidental event at Disney, even at the expense of sharing an experience with their children, caring little about others, as long as they get a good view of some stupid theatrical performance and forcing their kids into the disneyification of America and childhood by buying every trinket and souvenir in the gift shops.
  • My daughter could spend every waking moment at this park and still want more. Maybe we can buy a condo in AdventureLand.

Funny thing, I have been to this park 20 times or so and we have brought our kids many times, even though I really don't like it. Proximity, price for Floridians and the chance to see friends traveling cross country always trump conviction!

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