Sunday, March 19, 2006

We are more like Bode than Mike

A must read for everyone, not just sports fans from the wonderfully insight Chuck Klosterman on why we hate the Bode Millers and Ricky Williams of the world, yet love the Cal Ripkins and Michael Jordans of the world.

To sum it up, we have a lot in common with Bode and Ricky and nothing in common with Michael and Cal. What makes Michael Jordon such a great athlete might make him a lousy co-worker or friend. When it comes time to make choices in life, we will likely become like Bode, not Mike. As Klosterman says,
"I can't read Bode Miller's mind, but I bet the interior monologue bouncing around his cerebral cortex sounds something like this: "My job is OK, and I'm good at it. I suppose I could even be better if that was the only thing I cared about, but I'm not sure what the benefit of that would be, beyond appeasing a bunch of people I'll never actually meet. And if I can get paid this much money for being myself, why would I want to force myself to become somebody else's caricature? I'm already content with who I am."
This makes complete sense to me and helps me understand why I was one of 5 people in America that liked Bode Miller. Give it a well deserved 5 minutes to peruse and let me know what you think.


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