Wednesday, April 26, 2006

get your sustainable treehugger on

Here are some links to help you recycle time (can't be waste, that would be irresponsible) as you embrace your inner treehugger, learning about sustainable communities, cool products (for the capitalists) a bit more responsible and other assorted goodies. For rampant American consumers, at least they can buy products with less junk in them (stolen from Simple).

In the American free market economy we understand that we are dependent upon buyers and sellers. I am happy that some people are attempting to sell good things instead of bad.
  1. Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry (good recipe book)
  2. Treehugger- web magazine that attempts to be very cool and environmentally conscious
  3. Grist magazine- environmental news and commentary
  4. cool environmentally conscious shoes from Simple (called greentoes and very hip hippy)
  5. Ideal Bite- ideas for a sustainable future (some good stuff)
  6. Plenty magazine- we get this each month. It is pretty good and its motto is "its easy being green." I do agree with this motto. A greener lifestyle is not terribly difficult.
  7. I want to build a house. I want my house to be green. If I ever start another church and it builds a building, that building will be green. Here are some green building materials (anything you can think of).
  8. I cannot think of a reason to take off work and attend, but I want to go to this conference on sustainable building (green building) next week. There are some cool seminars for green geeks.
  9. A group of people dedicated to building green homes in Florida. Their links page.
  10. New Urbanism stuff, which, when coupled with sustainable building techniques is a wonderful thing (I have links on the right regarding this also). I know, you are sick of me preaching on new urbanism.
  11. More on Sustainablility and business

If you must buy, at least buy green, even if you do not believe in global warming (due to too much Fox News and shady science) it is still better for the world. I promise.

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