Wednesday, April 26, 2006

more good stuff

  1. Gather Round- I am thinking of using this for our kids. This curriculum connects children to God's Word, justice and discipleship.
  2. Designed by John Fluevog, these adbuster's tennis shoes are great for kicking in the door of your local Starbucks (kidding). I want some blackspot shoes.
  3. Mayhaw Jelly, a southern delicacy is among the greatest flavors you can experience on a piece of toast or a biscuit. These small berries are found along rivers in the deep south and it is hard to find locally in Tampa. Eat and be happy.
  4. Up with Grups. You must read this article sent to me by my friend Mike. I am writing a posting on it, but life is getting in the way. In many ways it pegs me and many in the Emerging church by our lifestyles and what appeals to us. According to the article there is a new breed of grown up parents who refuse to grow up in the normal fashion, clinging to youth culture (not their 80s culture, but today's). They are also called yupsters or alterna-yuppies.
  5. John Fluevog is the greatest shoe designer in the world (and a Christian to boot). His shoes repel Satan, fatigue and allow you to walk in peace or love. I have been wearing his shoes for almost 7 years (Kristi 8) and they are wonderful. They are pretty expensive, but pieces of art. Plus, a pair of his shoes lasts as long as 3 or 4 regular pairs of shoes. Peruse his site and check out how interesting this company truly is. Have you noticed how much I like shoes?
  6. The coolest magazine you will see from a Christian perspective. Geez is like Sojourners meets Believer meets Adbusters meets a manifesto. Check it out.
  7. an article on Intentional Peacemaking. It advocates a holistic approach to formation and has good links on health and simplicity.

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Mike said...

That article on the Grups goes really well with a story on the new economy I heard on NPR (or was it Marketplace?).

Also, I wonder how much of this is really about the loss of sign posts to identity that used to guide folks toward developing a real sense of who they are/want to become. maybe not growing up is just the default setting.