Friday, May 19, 2006

Great Book becomes Great Film

With a stellar cast and a magnificent debut at Cannes, one film should be making big waves this year. With its detail and interwoven facts and story (and multiple storylines) many fans of this book would have thought it could not be made into a film. But, once again an extraordinary filmmaker stops slumming in family pictures and his own ego to make a film we all should see (especially if we want to see truth disguised as fiction).

What? Am I hyping the Da Vinci Code?


Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation blew this critic away at Cannes. He thinks it is the odds on favorite for the Palme d'Or. The cast is solid with multiple Oscar nominees and star turns by a television star. Read more here.

Eric Schlosser's book is one of the best of the new century and incredibly important, taking on the fast food and meat packing industries, along with American appetites with the attitude of Sinclair Lewis. Although a good film, Supersize Me does not have the resonance of this book.

To think that it could be made into a fictional film is beyond me. I cannot wait to see it.

Story about its making

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that is unsurpassably cool. i had no idea.