Thursday, May 18, 2006

What I like about Pat Roberston

You know what I like about Pat Robertson?

He lays it out there on the line. While most of his ilk are more interested in prophesying retroactively, such as many people telling us they had visions of 9-11 before it happened (yeah, thanks for the warning Jonah) or that Katrina was judgment for gay people, Pat warns us in advance.

Plus, since America does not practice Canonical Law, he will suffer no physical repercussions (where is a good public stoning of false prophets when you need one- Hey Fox, I have a new reality show for you- think about it- each week we get prophets to make predictions, whenever 1 does not come true that person is stoned by Simon).

So he gets to make outlandish statements and wait. Eventually, according to the Law of Averages, he will be correct (even a monkey gets it right occasionally). When he is correct, he becomes even more famous and says, "I told you so." Noone remembers the 273 incorrect prophecies and he gathers even more money for his coffers. Brilliant.

Anyway, here is Pat's prediction of a tsunami in America (now, if he predicted a tsunami in America but there had not been one in SE Asia, that would be impressive).


Dustin said...

i guess it's not a good time to move out there then. crap.

PReSON said...

I just think its funny that God told him that "possibly a tsunami" will hit. Is God not sure of what he see's, or has he just not decided yet?

Dan Morehead said...

...or he was just watching TV, since there was just something on PBS or some such station about the scenario of a tsunami hitting the northwest.

Ish said...

My name is Ishmael (
I will be moving to Florida in August 2006 and I desperately looking for an emergent gathering, cohort or anything like that. Do you guys meet?
Please let me know

shakkahop said...

i think now is the time to move to the northeast. all of those that think pat roberston is intelligent will be avoiding that place like the plague. sounds like paradise to me!!!!!