Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Joel Osteen's name comes up at odd times

I do not watch Joel Osteen or read his books, so it would be impossible for me to make a fully developed hypothesis on the matter, but something strange happened at a meeting on Monday.

We were sitting at an important meeting, while people evaluated a large event an organization I am part of put on a few weeks ago (is this vague enough?). One of the speakers at the event was a prominent businessman in the community. Every one was praising this man for his words and the manner in which he shared about the cause we were promoting.

In response he commented on the strength of the podium to hold him up and that he gained confidence and knew what to say based upon his weekly watching of Joel Osteen's program. What was interesting to me is the fact that this is a prominent Jewish businessman, active in his local synagogue.

So, does this mean that he is seeking Jesus and looking to Joel Osteen for guidance? Does this mean Joel Osteen crafts a message of the Gospel in such an attractive way that a faithful Jew would be intrigued? Or, is Joel's message one of such limited Gospel that anyone can watch it and not have to deal with the reality of Christ, while learning how to better himself?

I am not planning on answering this.


Nate Custer said...


I live in houston and drive past the basketball stadium that has been renamed the home of Lakewood. I find it kinda scary that the Joel Osteen Ministries logo is the same size as the Lakewood Church logo.

I used to have a really easy time looking down on that church and the people who went there. TThen I met a friend of mine, who was reading from a stack biographies on the apsostle John. I asked him why he was reading them and he explained he wanted to learn more about each of the 12 apostles ... so he was leading his small group in a study that was begining with John.

Then I asked him what church he led a small group at and he told me Lakewood. I am sure you can find good people and bad people at any church ... but it sure reminded me that there are real people who have met God and experianced real life transformation at that church.

shakkahop said...

God can use bad theology for his good. Yes, good people can be at bad churches. I don't think that's the point.

I think motivational speaking is the same across the board. It appeals to everyone. If you throw Jesus in their from time to time you are even more popular. it's like the band Creed, everyone likes music but if you throw some Christian-like lyrics into the mix your sales will soar.
Joel is Tony Robbins, with a little Jesus in the mix. The other problem is that their jesus is sitting in heaven in a business suit, smoking a fat cigar, legs propped up on his desk, sipping his brandy, voting republican, and encouraging church leaders to build bigger churches and more of them. He also has a goatee' now.
Sadly, they are sooo many aspiring Joel's occupying our pulpits these days.

PReSON said...

hey, now let's not bring innocent cigars into this, remember, this blog is written from the cigar capital of america.