Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In a High School Gym a long, long time ago

20 years, 20 pounds, 3 inches on the waste, a good amount of grey hair, 1 wife, 2 dogs, 2 children, 2 degrees, countless jobs and 0 books written later I am 2 weeks away from my Class Reunion.

On Memorial Day weekend, I will "celebrate" my 20th Anniversery of graduation from the prestigious Suwannee High School in Live Oak, FL. At this institution you could learn Spanish (and nothing else), top out at trig, learn chemistry from the baseball coach and get no AP courses.

Suffice it to say, it has been quite a while since I graced the high school and saw most classmates. I am worried about attendance, since I found out about this event on Monday, less than 3 weeks before the event. The only guys I keep in contact only recently found out about the reunion also (even though 1 is prominent businessman in Live Oak and the other was the class VP and lives 70 miles away). Haven't these people discovered the internet?

If nobody shows up then my dreams of big hair, dumpy former cheerleaders, fat football players and stories of people's lost dreams will die. Since my reference points for high school reunions revolve around films and television, I can only hope for high drama, men hitting on high school crushes, corny music and line dancing (the theme is Kool and the Gang's "Cherish the Times"- seriously).

I'll keep you posted.


rudy said...

Kool and the Gang!

Mike said...

CLASS OF '85 RULZ THE CLASS OF '86!!! Dude, I'm very glad to hear that you're going back. I hope Kristi can join you and that you have a blast catching up with old friends. Yes, there will be surprises... like some of your classmates proabably have grandchildren, but there's a sweetness... or bitter-sweetness to it that is very worthwhile. Say hello to Brad for me. And if you make it to church on Sunday, say hello to everyone else.

And here's one for your roadtrip.

- Mike

shakkahop said...

In 'LIVE OAK'? I can picture open bags of chips on fold-out tables. a keg of Bud. Boxes of Wine. Plastic cups, and utensils. Pizza. People making out in the bathroom. Attempted break-dancing. People who couldn't find babysitters so they brought there children.
Good times.