Wednesday, May 10, 2006

junk to waste time

In case you missed any of this, I will help you waste more time surfing the internet.

BTW, I am not looking forward to this film. I could care less about the heresy, they hype or the box office receipts. All I know is that it is a Ron Howard production (enuff said).

I am nauseous thinking of the goofy church marquee tie-ins and sermon series surrounding a book that offered a tired heretical mess in a pretty package with sex and death (I do think it steals from Holy Blood, Holy Grail which I read in grad school), which is what the film will offer (see Tom Hanks in an Oscar worthy performance because he grows his hair long -if Tom Hanks loses weight, talks funny or grows facial hair, we think he needs another freakin' Oscar on his shelf-solving the riddle of the ages. See Ron Howard awe us with technology but not pacing, character development or vision).

Also, Ron Howard is the Tom Ridge of filmmakers, an overhyped hack with no original talent of his own, usually pandering to the crowd and only saved from public humiliation by attaching himself to big-time movie stars and great actors (i.e. Dangerous Mind and Cinderella Man were not even remotely true to historical events, yet saved by great acting, but not Oscar worthy/ Apollo 13 was saved by a story even he could not ruin/ Far and Away sucked in an epic fashion/ Ransom was a brutal misanthropic mess/ The Grinch sucked/ EdTV was cute but trite/ Splash and Cocoon 20 years ago were his best work).- yes I will eventually get around to watching it


tony said...

Are you implying that "Backdraft" was not a great film??? Clearly Opie's finest work to date.

Mike said...

dude, i liked all those films.

there is something not right about one of us...

shakkahop said...

the very fact that he worked as an executive producer and the narrator of 'arrested development' should redeem him.
i liked those films also. and if you were trying to slam ron, it was a good idea to leave out backdraft because it was great!