Thursday, May 25, 2006

Reunion Weekend

As I have already blogged about, this weekend is my 20th class reunion. We will leave on Friday for a weekend in the deep south, attending events in Live Oak and staying in a little fishing village on the coast about 40 miles away from the town. It is a beautiful area that I look forward to showing my wife and kids (my parents are coming also- they love Stienhatchee and will watch the kids Sat. night).

In light of this event I will not be blogging during the weekend. Also, it has come to my attention that, with the advent of the internet in Live Oak, Florida and my upcoming reunion, some former classmates and native Live Oakians will stumble upon this blog and probably be insulted by some of my statements surrounding my high school, my home town and my seemingly negative comments regarding all of this.

To any such readers, I offer a humble apology and ask them to remember this. I was an a**hole in high school (yet also a nice guy- we are all so complex). I had a mouth and I had an opinion. Now I have a mouth, an opinion, and a blog. We can see this is one of those times that technology has not improved the world.

Anyway, please take a look to the right hand corner of this page and read the "A Warning to my readers" I stole from Wendell Berry. Also, notice the title of the blog. I can see how anyone would be offended by my words, upon reading these caveats.

Regarding my post about the reunion and why I may come across a bit snooty...
(1) I am a bit snooty

(2) I am very easy to find. I am the 2nd Rick Bennett on google.

(3) I would like to have attended a reunion with many people and plenty of notice so I could (a) lose weight and add muscle, (b) find a more prestigious job or at least make up a good story and make really cool business cards, (c) rent a fancy car- a hummer or Prius, (d) rent that helicopter and find an actor to play my butler, and quickly finish the manuscript for my book, play or screenplay.

(4) Seriously, because of the lack of communication many old friends may not even know about the event and I wish they did. It will be good to see old friends. They will think I have not changed much. My hair is still a mess. I will be a bum (no tie for the semi-formal). I will be smart but unsuccessful. I will have a beautiful woman on my arms and people will wonder how that happened.

Wish me luck.

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