Friday, May 19, 2006

this just in

This just in...

Ron Howard is a medicore filmmaker.

Seems all the critics agree his new film deserves a C.


kidpositive said...

i'm so worried that that new film of his is going to rock the foundation of the christian faithful. now, more than ever, is the time to pray. this could very well be the spirit of the anti-christ!!!

Rom. 4:67, Col. 7:31, Lev. 5:66

PReSON said...

um, really? Totally thought you were serious till I saw the napoleon dynamite avatar.

kidpositive said...

um...yeah...i'm *totally* serious!!! can't you see? "Da Da Vinci Code" can destroy a person's faith!!! it's pertinent that NO true christians watch that movie, and about time we send hollywood another message!

Dustin said...

wow Rick, you're really giving it to Ron Howard as of late. I feel the same way about the NBA regular season games. Mediocre.

g13 said...

i'm with you d. the fact that half of the teams make the playoffs leads me to wonder why they should even have a regular season. that being said, at least they expanded the first round of playoffs to a seven game series this year. last year, i was starting to wonder whether three months of playoffs was enough.

all that aside, this has been one of the most interesting playoffs they've had in years.

llon said...

First, Arrested Developement makes up for the majority of his mediocrity.

Sure, Howard's great at being safe, which is the consensus with DVC, but why is it few view Tim Burton in the same light? Howard's stuff is safe, you always get that with him. That's probably who he is. Nothing spectacular in his films just what you come to expect. Tim Burton's visuals are beautiful, but I really don't find his movies too engaging.

g13 said...

ron howard had a hand in arrested development?

Rick said...

AD cannot absolve Ron Howard of all sin.

First of all, it cannot absolve Ron of sins committed post-AD. He is even more responsible having seen the light.

Secondly, his work as a producer and as a narrator cannot absolve him of his work as a director. There were many producers for the show and he is not the creator, writer or main producer. So, he gave some cash. Because a rich guy spends his money well does not absolve him of his sins. He is looking for atonement and feels his works with AD will give him atonement.

George W. Bush was a fine governor, but that does not absolve him of his sins as President.

I cannot say that Michael Jordan the Baseball player was good because he played great basketball. I cannot say he was anything more than mediocre as a ball player.

Jennifer Lopez' work in Out of Sight does not absolve her work as a "singer" or recent "acting."

I can go on.
Ron has many good TV shows on his resume. He has exec produced 24, Sports Night, Felicty and a bunch of crap.

So this means... Ron Howard- good tv (sometimes)
Ron Howard- bad movie (usually)

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

LOL! Well said. I reviewed it the same way.