Tuesday, May 23, 2006

trying to be less than a true American

While reading my WAG newsletter (from David Blatstone, an editor at Sojourner and Business writer), I came across this statistic.

Data Point: Use Your Vacation Days!
39: Average number of vacation days received by each employed adult in France
12: Average number of vacation days received by each employed adult in USA
45: % of French adults who take at least one three- to four-week vacation a year
31: % of USA adults who said that in 2005 they did not use all their vacation days
421 million: Estimated total of vacation days unused by USA workers in 2005

*Source: Expedia.com 5th annual “Vacation Deprivation” survey

While we are much more efficient than the French, taking no Sabbaths, no extended Sabbaths or no time for family takes a terrible toll on the psyche of American workers.

We are coming to the end of the fiscal year at the non-profit I work at. Presently I have 2 weeks and 3 days unused. I need a break. Although I am heading to Live Oak for my reunion this weekend, I will take no days off. So, I will be heading to Minneapolis in mid-June for an Emergent Meeting, which should be a time for relaxation.

Hopefully in late June, Kristi and I will travel to Virginia, drop the kids at her parent's home and head to NYC for 4-5 days (with a day in Amish Country or Cape May thrown in). I say this to make sure it happens and I do not take the maximum 2 weeks into the new fiscal year in July. Hold me accountable to not be a typical American.


Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Looking forward to seeing you cats in MN then. And what about PAPAfest? A little closer to home...

Darius said...

More and more, the kind of harried lifestyle we have isn't even a matter of choice. I mean, for example, in many couples both people have to work full time. And way too many people are forced to work two or three jobs to keep a roof over their heads.

g13 said...

dude, if you're going to be as close as NYC we'll have to get together.