Friday, June 09, 2006

you wanna be President? You must be crazy

If you did not catch this fascinating study of the mental health of presidents throughout history, it is worth the time to peruse. Its thesis is that about half the presidents between Washington and Nixon suffered from some kind of psychiatric disorder.

He assumes that one of those suffering the most is considered our greatest President (Lincoln, of course). Although it is early to gather full analysis of the last few Presidents, he asserts that Reagan probably suffered from the beginnings of Alzheimer's and Clinton exhibited "colorful" personal behavior. We know George W was an alcoholic at one point. He thinks Ford and George H. W. Bush were very healthy (no mention of Carter).

Anyway it is a fascinating story and should appeal to many readers. It brings up one question. Are half the Pastors suffering similar disorders?

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Christian said...

Very Bloody Likely