Wednesday, July 05, 2006

where am I?

I have been a bad blogger since returning from vacation. I returned to a work schedule that is a bit busier than usual (end of fiscal year, strategic plan for next 5 years due, my staff on vacation and a new staff member) so I have spent little time goofing off and blogging.

Also, I have been less than inspired. I am grateful that I do not paid to write or else I would be in trouble right now. I have read some interesting news and seen some things I felt interested in writing about, but it has lacked coherence, passion and style. So, instead of inundating you with uninteresting material, I thought I would give this caveat.

I could have given an update on our family, but very little new has happened. Our 4th of July was quite average and the Cardinals' swoon has kept me in the doldrums. I have wanted to write about things besides politics, but have not been inspired by other things. I have felt I should be of service to my readers by keeping my opinions to myself concerning the Al Gore resurgence, ongoing ridiculousness of the political process and Iraq War and assorted other pieces. I wanted to write about the new Superman movie (not bad), Warren Buffett gift to Bill Gates, report on "weapons of mass destruction" found in Iraq- reported by the White House spokeschannel and great new music by Josh Ritter and Mountain Con, but the time passed and I had said nothing.

Oh well, I hope to be back in the saddle soon.

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