Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crunchy Cons blog

If you have not seen this blog, take the time to check it out over at Beliefnet. Dreher, an Editor at the Dallas Morning News and author of Crunchy Cons (as I have stated, the best "conservative" book I have read in quite some time and the only Biblically, historically and intellectually honest approach to religious and political conservatism I have seen in quite some time) is a prolific blogger and his commentary on being a disaffected conservative in the Republican Party machine is brave. If you read any conservative blogs, please add this to the rotation (if you don't- start reading this one).

Specifically check out the ridiculousness of exporting Democracy to the Middle East (sure, American Democracy will change radical Islam). After that read about conservatives from National Review calling Iraq another "Vietnam" and why the strategy is so bungled. And then take a gander at his "heretical" thoughts that all Bush supporters (like the author himself) need to ask themselves, "Are Roberts and Alito worth this mess?"

He now uses the word Fiasco, which is the name of an excellent new book I am reading on how poorly the government has run the war in Iraq. Funny, I have been using this term for as long as I have had a blog and I used to take a lot of heat for the term. I would never tell a Bushite, "I told you so."

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