Monday, August 21, 2006

My wife is a Diversity Monger

Kristi (my wife for those of you I do not know) was quoted in a front page article for the Tampa Tribune last week on the fact that "White children Now in the Minority" in Tampa's schools. While picking up the kids from their half day at preschool, she was asked by a reporter what she thought of sending our kids to a school that is 75% non-white Anglo (since we do have Aryan kids that look soooo white).

The last line of the article is this (yes they misspelled our son's name):

Kristi Bennett's two children, Gillian, 4, and Aedean, 3, are among the minority Anglo children at St. John's. Bennett doesn't mind.
"I love it," she said. "I think it's healthy to be around children who don't look like them. It teaches them tolerance and diversity really early on."

Now she has been called a Diversity Monger by an anti-immigration writer to the editor. Well, at least others called my Diversity Mongering wife some nice things (by the way the writer of the letter is from the Bronx- so he probably searches the internet all day for such articles so he can write letters to the editor- how sad).

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