Friday, August 04, 2006

Virginia is for Lovers

Funny how plans go awry. Yesterday I was going to blog on my 10th Anniversary of the beginning of my marriage to Kristi Michelle Roberts at Bon Air Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. Little would I have known that I could celebrate the 10th Anniversary by coming to Richmond. I was going to gather some pictures and post them, along with a timeline of the past 10 years (I may still do that), but now we can celebrate (belatedly) at a place we went when first married or dating.

Let me explain.

On Wednesday afternoon Kristi called to inform me that the gushing of water she had been hearing for a couple of days with no visible signs was now affecting our water pressure. The next thing I know we are finding out that there is a busted pipe (important pipe) under the house which needs to be replaced. Since it is an old house (1918) and a complicated job (involving trench building and spelunking) it will take at least 3 or 4 days for completion.

So, here is the dilemma. We can 1) live without water with 2 kids and our dog, 2) we can head to a motel for at least 4 days with 2 kids and our dog, while trying to work, 3) we can take a shorter vacation than planned (without the added trip to NYC without the kids) to see Kristi's family in Virginia a few weeks earlier than planned.

Luckily I had the PTO and my schedule was not full. On Wednesday I went to work hoping to finalize plans for our anniversary dinner and a surprise for Kristi. On Thursday I packed up the car and headed with the family to Virginia.

Hopefully we will have a relaxing time and get some work done (maybe even see a friend or 2). I also hope to get away with Kristi for the evening at least a couple of times. Maybe we can try NYC later, or we can find someone to watch the kids and I can finally take Kristi to Santa Fe for the Emergent Gathering. Who knows. Anyway, I was hoping to take the kids to D.C. for the day, but do not see that happening.

Funny that I feel more at home when in Virginia than I do in the state I was born, raised and presently reside.


Clarkus said...

Isn't it funny I said the title of your blog, just before we parted Baker's Crust.

God's eerieness/sense of humor is... well, funny.

james said...

A happy anniversary to you both at any rate! I hope to see you at the emergent gathering (if i'm going...TBD)

Bob Robinson said...

I hope you indeed do the retrospective. It would be nice to see.

When you get back, maybe you can answer my tagging of you!