Tuesday, September 26, 2006

why have I been ignoring blogger

Since I began blogging, this is among the lengthiest periods of non-activity I have had. Usually it is related to vacation. However, this time it is due to work.

Last Monday I attended a wonderful time in D.C. with a few of the Emergent leaders, all of whom are passionate about issues of social justice, poverty, the fact that the Bible is more adamant about such issues than it is the present issues Americans in general and the church in particular seem to discuss. We discussed a few potential upcoming events (2007 & 2008) that Tony will eventually share. I must say I am very happy with Emergent's direction and its critics are so off-base (but, we already knew this).

To be part of a group of people passionate about God, God's work in the world, God's Kingdom, the Hope we Have in Christ, alleviating suffering in the name of Jesus, along with working in a systemic fashion to break down the worldly barriers to God's justice gives me hope for the church in the midst of so much I see that discourages me.

I thought I would blog about this upon returning home. However, the work load has stepped up a notch this week. Sadly, I do not think it will slow down until December 26 (so, please be patient with me and keep reading, even if I don't blog as often as I should). Around the place I work, the holidays cause everyone to work 50%-75% harder and 25%-50% more hours. It is very cool once the holidays begin and we serve over 14,000 families and I lead over 8,000 volunteers, but the ramp up leaves little time for non-priorities.

Also, there are many things going on in the life of my family I wish I could share in this forum that are slowing down the blogging process. Things related to job workload (and stress), future plans, living, ministry, health, kids, etc, all play a part and I wish I could share more. Maybe in the near future I will be able to.


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