Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Theological observations of my daughter

Knowing some of my readers are kidless and do not appreciate cute kid stories, I usually don't share personal stories of the things my children say and do. I mean, aren't all children precocious, saying and doing things no one but relatives would find charming.

Anyway, I am writing this as much for my remembrance as for readership. Driving home on Saturday evening, the kids were in the back holding rocks they had received at school. Kristi asked about the rock and was told by Aedan that he was given his rock by a teacher. When asked why, he explained that he had been told "God was a rock."

Kristi attempted to explain this concept to the children. However, she was interrupted by Gillian who told us, in no uncertain terms, that "God was not a rock!"

"Why is God not a rock?" asked Kristi. Because, "God is not hard," Gillian responded... "he is not soft, God is a person."

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will said...

Kids are wonderful...and full of insight, I wish I could tap more into that childlike spirit.

I've been keeping up with you via the blog...when will you be back in our neck of the woods?

I felt your pain last night and was sickened by the collapse of the boys from Arizona...I know this isn't the time or place but I could use some good ol'seminole therapy talk too....call me sometime.