Saturday, October 28, 2006

Words Cannot Express

I was 14 years old, a Freshman in High School the only other time I saw my Cardinals win a Championship. It has been too long and this 2006 team is not the team I thought would capture the next one. Jeff Gentry and I debated this team, complained, thought it should/ would implode and were wrong, along with the rest of the world.

It does not make sense, but I will take it. This, for me, is calm in my storm. It is a bit of light in the dark.

As a fan, this is what sports is about. Sure, it is not real life. But, it stops real life for just a moment. It is an escape. But, unlike alcohol, pornography, drugs, sexual fantasy, etc. it actually brings us together and there is no guilt involved. Fathers and Sons that don't talk can share a moment of happiness.

I wake up the next morning feeling even better, not worse. I am making no sense. But, this is why I am a sports fan and loyally follow the same teams year after year after year, hoping and waiting (I am sure I can come up with some semi-heretical spiritual lesson from this, but it is too early and I have had too little sleep).



Anonymous said...

i don't really care who won, i just wish this series would have been interesting, in even the slightest way to anyone who was not a St. Louis or Detroit fan. Worst world series I have seen in years. Not just the games, but John Cougar Mellencamp? Billy Ray Cyrus? What the (#*@ is going on over there at Fox? They did a very poor job and getting anyone excited about this. The most fascinating thing for me was the Kenny Rogers scandal, that's about all i'll remember.

cade said...

i have to disagree.

FOX sucks, this is true. can't argue with that. but the series itself, i thought, was just fine. the games were mostly close-fought ones and the teams, well the teams: on one hand you had the cards who have been at the top of the game this decade and were bound to break through (despite being media underdogs.) and the miracle tigers and their loud, johnny-come-lately fans.

granted, i was invested in this one due to my dislike for the tigers and the fact that i live with a certain cards fan on the north shore.

gotta say. i really enjoyed this one.

enjoy the win, rick. congrats.