Friday, November 03, 2006

Single Dad Weekend

So my wife is in Boston wishing 2 very close friends Happy Birthday and spending time with our North Shore Compatriots while I am in Tampa watching the kids. I am sad my wife is away and very sad I cannot be in Boston hanging with those close friends I miss terribly.

Maybe I will rent Mystic River or go see the Departed again. I could listen to a bit of Dropkick Murphey's or Dresden Dolls. I can turn the A/C down and put on a scarf and mittens. Maybe I will stop by Duncan Donuts or grab some clam chowder (the kids would be excited for the former, but scoff at the latter). However, I think none of that will do the trick.

Instead I will take a couple of mini-vacations during the weekend, spending a moment at a time with my wife in New England.

1 comment:

g13 said...

that's dunkin' donuts. have you been away that long?
: )