Friday, January 19, 2007

The Great Album Project begins

I have had many blogging ideas germinating for long periods of time only to get lodged someplace in my brain to not be released (usually due to sheer laziness). However, I am almost complete with a most worthwhile task (and complete waste of time).

During the next week, I will release my very own Top Albums list, with snippets on each LP. I am sure you are waiting next to your computer and will be checking your feeds regularly to see this Singular Rock Snob List, made by someone that should have been a record store owner.
To entice you, I release the Policies and Rules section (which you will need to return to periodically):
  1. I had to buy or listen to the album upon its release- in other words, I could not ignore it and discover the album later (more than a few months).
  2. No Greatest Hits Albums. Also, no soundtracks, unless they were primarily the work of a single artist (no Pulp Fiction, Singles or Pretty in Pink, but there could be Magnolia).
  3. Nothing from the previous couple of years (since 2004). I need a couple of years to place something in the All Time list (notice, no How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, American Idiot, Late Registration, Howl).
  4. Nothing since 2001 in the Top 50. Although I know some of these albums are brilliant, perspective must be gained through the passage of time (this means lowering College Dropout, Redemption’s Son, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Rush of Blood to the Head, among others).
  5. My biases will show. I am a white guy with American leanings and I grew up in the 80s. Sorry. I like rap, but the kind older white guys usually like (Public Enemy, RUN DMC). I don't like much modern country or R&B. If this was a selection of albums I like throughout history, many more R&B and Country albums would be included. Also, yeah- there are not enough chick singers represented. And, only 1 non-English album is on the list. Again, sorry. Last caveat- there are alot of older "Christian" albums. These albums were great- not just great "Christian" music.

This knocks out pretty much everything, pre-1980. This also knocks out any Clash Album, besides Combat Rock, any Smiths albums (I did not grow to appreciate them until after High School), along with albums by Pavement (never a huge fan), the Pixies (again, I discovered them a little late), early Replacements (came in a year after the release of Tim), Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams (bought it the next year), The Wall by Pink Floyd (I figured it out a year later), AC/DC’s Back in Black (it scared me upon its release- I was 11 or 12), De La Soul’s 3 Foot High and Rising (never fully appreciated the whole album, just the singles, which should be enough to include it), Rage Against the Machine’s first album, most of the Jay Z catalog, The Score by the Fugees (not a fan until after breakup), Eminem and Madonna albums (know the talent, like the songs, never bought anything).

Also, since I am biased, like any critic or listener should be, there may be “classic” albums I never took a liking to, such as Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, Nirvana’s In Utero or Michael Jackson’s Bad (all albums I know are wonderful). I also can't really tell if the modern Bob Dylan albums are worthy of the accolades (I like them, but after listening to his old stuff I get confused).

There are a few albums I have chosen to not include due to personal bias, based upon friendship. I offer no Smalltown Poets, Cobalt Season or Robbie Seay Band albums, due to the fact that I cannot properly judge these albums on their own merits.

I chose 200 because I am that sad of an individual. Also, I grew up with Billboard’s Top 200 Album Charts.

So, let the festivities begin...


cade said...

i, for one, can't wait.

james said...

i, for two, and anxious to see what you have.