Thursday, January 25, 2007

some op eds to peruse

I am not sure if you checked these op-eds during the past few weeks.

  1. Jackson Diehl thinks we are in this Iraq thing for the long haul. The rest of our time will need to be measured in years (as in 6-12) instead of months, as most Americans want. As I have stated, we have created such a mess there, that sudden withdrawal will create a humanitarian crisis on par with Darfur or Bosnia/ Serbia. I am also in agreement with his assessment that by taking out Saddam, of course there would be a Civil War and ethnic strife/ cleansing. To think otherwise is naive. History has shown that the removal of a central oppressive figure brings fracturing. that the Bush Administration did not see this is among the most incompetent of its many fold mistakes in this war. According to the adage, the definition of insanity to try the same actions over and over again, expecting a different outcome. Therefore, by dismissing the lessons of Soviet Russia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Serbia, The Congo and Lebanon, they are acting clinically insane. Read the article for yourself (it is much more diplomatic than me).
  2. Hannah Lupien wants us to make healthy food available to poor families. As one that works in direct services to poor and homeless families, I believe this must become a priority for all. It is my desire to help create an environment where the poor can eat as well as my family. I wish I had the conviction to not eat healthier food until it is available to all. Read here.
  3. While we tend to look at all who disagree with us as "enemies," hoping justice will come to them, but mercy will come to those on our side of the political or religious divide, sometimes friendship must outweigh the importance of political or theological arguments (I guess this brands me as emergent and liberal). Nick Bromwell, self pronounced Liberal English Professor and Scooter Libby's former roommate and oldest friend offers this wonderful essay on how his friendship with Libby colors his desire for "justice." It is a must read for all sides. Read here

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