Friday, January 26, 2007

Top Albums (180-171)

180. American IV: The Man Comes Around- Johnny Cash (while I look at the American Recordings as 5 parts of a single work, I cannot justify putting each album on this list. The second best is the last released before his death with the chilling The Man Comes Around, an examination of the Second Coming that almost makes be believe in the pre-millennial imagery, an astounding version of NIN's Hurt and better than original versions of Personal Jesus and I Hung My Head.)
179. Zenyatta Mondatta-The Police (my first Police album includes the ridiculously smart songs De Do Do Do ,De Da Da Da- it amazes me that people think the lyrics of this song are simplistic-listen to the rest of the song- and Don't Stand So Close to Me, which I did not understand until college. No one does dysfunctional relationships and paranoia quite like Sting.)
178. No Need to Argue- The Cranberries (you either liked them or did not. There is no in between. I liked them and Zombie was one of the most original hit singles ever. The deep seeded Irish Catholicism and spirituality of this band follows the tradition of U2 and the influence of this band upon young girls and the Alt Rock world is underestimated.)
177. Flaming Red- Patty Griffin (under appreciated album by one of America's most talented female singer-songwriters. It is not fully appreciated because she broke a cardinal rule of contemporary folk. Like Bob Dylan in 1965, she plugged in. There are heartbreaking stories of abused women, ostracized gay men driven to suicide and personal heartbreak, all of which could have been overdone, but are not.) 176. Freeze Frame- J. Geils Band (Centerfold was the coolest, edgiest, dirtiest song I had ever heard at that point in my life. Even its flip-side was cool. Freeze Frame is a great song and I had to sneak listens to P--- on the Wall- even my older parents could figure that song out. I still love this album.)
175. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got- Sinead O’Connor (although I am a fan of the harder edged The Lion and the Cobra, this album stands up better over the long haul.)
174. Gordon- Barenaked Ladies (it is hard to fully appreciate this album considering the lack of growth they have had over their career and the preciousness of their music, but this was one of the freshest and funniest albums I had ever heard upon its release. I made my wife listen to much of this album on our first date, making sure she knew early what she was getting into with me. )
173. Live Through This- Hole (I would never consider myself a Courtney Love or Hole fan, but this album has a power that comes from intense grief channeled into Top 40 music, like that of her late husband. Any time I hear Doll Parts or Miss World, I get chills. To think Love became the very thing she decried on this album is the height of irony.)
172. Aquemini- Outkast (the Lennon/ McCartney of Hip Hop recreated rap at a time it was weighed down by the heaviness of gangsta. Since I often compare them to Radiohead, this album is setting the stage for their next album, which is their The Bends.)
171. Dilate- Ani DiFranco (the DiFranco freaks will tell me that she had already sold out by time this album was released, but it was my first purchase by the dynamo from Buffalo- heh, heh. Listening to this album I came to the conclusion that Alanis was a thief and would lose in a bar fight. The righteous indignation of Untouchable Face almost makes me hate men. And, I would rather listen to her version of Amazing Grace than any rendition by a church choir or worship band.)


james said...

Well, no one else has said anything so far, so i'll just say way to go man!

Like the DiFranco/Alanis link. very interesting. Dig that the Police made the list (i'm assuming there will be more, yes?) Am surprised that Hole made your list, and ahead of the Police, no less.

Keep em coming man.

Alex F said...

Astounding is a good word for Cash's "Hurt" - I can honestly still remember exactly where I was the first time I heard it and it still makes me stop what I'm doing and just listen.

Rick said...

at least 2 more Police albums and 2-3 Sting albums on the list.

I think it probably would be better to have Hole below the Police just because it seems wrong to have them above the Police on any list, not including drug arrests.

But, I really do think that is a strong CD and CL had talent which she quickly squandered.