Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I know that some of you, and many of your friends live in a world in which secular humanists and liberal elites run the media and cause you to need to have avenues for your worldview to win out so you do not have to filter through the mainstream media and its liberal bias.

As you look for information on the Internet regarding a number of topics you have probably ventured into the land of wikipedia (located in Tampa Bay). However, you know that you are unable to trust anything they say about the cricket world cup, emperor penguins, and coal because of Wikipedia's liberal bias.

Look no further. You now have a place for your information to come from sources you trust which allow you to live in Bushworld with no consequences. Introducing Conservapedia, an encyclopedia you can trust. It is much righter regarding the facts than wikipedia according to the following article.

here is the story.

It was begun by Andy Schlafly, son of noted Christian conservative Phyllis.

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james said...

good grief . . . do these guys all think the sky is falling or what?