Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The limits on making more money, being happy and other ideas from Capitalism

This is a new article from Mother Jones getting some play in a number of places. I feel it is very timely and important for anyone in the ministry or following economic theories, especially those that bow down to the god of the free market.

The contention of the article is that making money will only make us so happy, as individuals and as a society. He believes that we must have other measures for a successful economy due to the fact that we have taken free market capitalism as far as we can. It is and has been a good thing, but could only take us so far.

the writer believes we must realize that more money will not make a society or individuals happy, beyond meeting our needs. We must focus upon social networks for our happiness and the happiness of our nations.

Interesting... reminds me of a certain passage in Proverbs, and another in the Gospels... oh, and another in Ecclesiastes.

While you may agree and think this is obvious, it is not, especially in economist circles.

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laci said...

hey rick, can you post a link to the article (or did i miss it somewhere?)

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Rick said...

I will. it is on the title because I was having trouble with the links on blogger. i will redo it.

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