Friday, March 16, 2007

The Truth on Dobson and Global Warming

I have stayed clear of the global warming debate as of late, leaving it to some of the newbies. You can search my blog for many posts and thoughts on the subject. However, while exercising yesterday, I was struck with a couple of things I will attempt to convey in the following posting.

Little to any one's surprise Dobson and Falwell have come out strongly against Global Warming in an open letter to the National Association of Evangelicals and sermons. The blogosphere and Sojourners have been up in arms and the NAE has actually responded well, ignoring the bullying of Dobson's Army (at least so far).

What surprises me is how much traction this is getting and how seriously people are taking these guys.

This is not about a bunch of pro-family warriors frightened about sending the wrong message or becoming less focused on the "real issues" of Life, such as abortion, gay marriage and stem cells. It is merely a ruse hiding the real issue for all of these organizations. It is about 3 things only...

1. Money
2. Power
3. Influence over the Party Politics

It has nothing to do with science, truth or theology. This crowd sees that a refocus on a different agenda will greatly affect their own bottom line. They will no longer be able to send out a scary letter about Liberal Agendas and how the family and nation are being destroyed knowing the dollars will fly in. They know that Evangelicals concerned with the environment and war are bad for business.

They will have less money to throw making them less influential. And suddenly they will have less power because the Republican party will not listen to them alone when the masses are concerned with other items (items that can truly affect the fabric of our nation and the earth, unlike Liberal Judges and Gay Marriage which do not cause oceans to rise and wars to rage). If people are listening to Cizik, Wallis, even Rick Warren, they will have an expansive view of an Evangelical Agenda and responsibility. This is the worst thing that can happen to The "Pro Family" crowd and they know it. They are scared.

It is that simple.

Which is an absolute shame, because they could truly do the right thing here. they could join a coalition based upon morality and concern for future generations (yes, this is where the poor theology comes in), along with those that cannot hear their message because they could be dead. If they sound the alarm on this issue, or just back down, their business friends will have a conniption and the funding will slow down.

The craziest part of this is that they have found the other side using their greatest tactic and it working. For years they have attempted to coalesce their power through Scare-mongering. It has worked well. heck, it had me for a couple of years frightened about activist judges until I actually read for myself. These Global Warming prophets have found something truly scary. Unlike Activist judges, gay agendas and stem cell research, global warming can kill us. They cannot compete with that on the scary gauge.

Let's look closely at what they say will destroy America... Abortion, Stem Cell research, Activist Judges, Evolution, Gay Rights and Marriage, etc. While I may agree with them on the seriousness on the 1 of the issues, none of these is assured to bring the destruction of our nation. However, they are willing to take the chance that these issues will seriously affect us negatively (so much that they stake everything on them). Even if they are right and GW is not settled, the implications of being wrong on GW has a greater negative impact upon society and people than anything else on their agenda. Sure, in 20 years we could look back and laugh. But, is it worth it? If it is not worth it when it comes to terrorism, evolution, et al, then what is the problem with jumping on board with everyone else?

Besides siding with a few people you hate and having to eat a little crow while you count less money in the coffers and less impact with politicians. Bingo- It is not worth it to them!

So, we have an impasse. The only chance GW has is to well up from the constituents of the Dobsons, Perkins, Falwells and Bauers so loudly that they must do the right thing. Actually this is what is happening right now. They are screaming so loudly because they know the tide has turned. Eventually they will realize they have no voice on the issue and they will shut up or do the right thing.

The amusing thing is that GW does not change a thing when it comes to our responsibility. I have been fairly Green for 20 years just because I am a Christian and it I have a high view of stewardship of God's Creation. GW has not changed my behavior or care for the earth at all. It has merely given me an avenue to talk to others about doing the right thing also.

Be patient. We are almost there folks.


BTW, every bit of information that I have read concerning global warming that dismisses it comes from a group or individual with an agenda. I cannot say the same for those that are proponents of global warming.*

*(sure, a few have agendas, but the masses have no agenda but good science, concern for the earth and a desire to do the right thing- that is not an agenda. that is good citizenship.)

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mike said...

man you got it right on. it is about power. i am teaching a sunday school class on church history and one of our elderly folks who is wiser than i can ever hope to be nailed it. during our discussion of the imperial church (312 - 500) he made a point about the message of the church being coopted by politics at that time as well as today. prior to constantine the church was against war, and disaproved of involvement with the empire. they saw the church as a kingdom sepperate from the empire of rome. after constantine and the edict of millan everything changes.

it is the same today. our message has been co-opted/changed by our synchritism with the powers that be.

so sad.