Friday, March 09, 2007

Why I am not a Democrat, part 1 (oversimplification)

because I spend so much time hammering on the Religous Right, Republicans and Bush Administration one could assume I am a left leaning Democrat. It would make sense for one to look at this blog and make that assessment based upon a cursory reading.

The reason I spend so much time on harping on Republicans is that I take them seriously. I take their influence on Americans and Christians in particular to be a matter for concern. Much like the popular, rich bullies of American High Schools, they can make me angry.

The scariest thing is that many of them in leadership seem to be cynical opportunists bent on power grabs, setting up their friends in corporations for easier lives at the expense of the working class. To accomplish this, they will lie, steal and scare the masses into submission on issues they care little about, such as abortion, gay agendas and stem cell research.

On the other hand, we have Democrats. Unlike Republican leaders, they seem to actually believe what they say. They seem terribly earnest and truly believe that they could make everyone like each other if put in power. I know their are some cynical opportunists in the party, but they stand out for their lack of weakness.

For the life of me, I cannot take them seriously (sure we have a Bill Clinton every 20 years to take seriously). They are not to be feared for influence. Because they have little influence and cannot be taken seriously, I cannot conjure up feelings of anger towards them.

Instead my usual emotion is pity. If the Republicans are the bullies in the High School Locker Room, the Democrats are the earnest Drama majors that get picked on and beat up for the lunch money they were going to give to the poor kid or for simply seeming weak.

That leaves the rest of the High School to pick sides... and I don't like either group too much. I mean, I have plenty of athletic, rich popular friends. I also have plenty of earnest, artistic weak friends. I just usually don't like either one of them when they all get together and start their hatefest towards the other side of the hallway. Being the perpetual outsider, I refuse to align with either group.

I want to hang out with the rich athletes because I love sports, but I want to hang out and listen to music with the other kids.

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