Friday, March 09, 2007

Why I am not a Democrat, part 2

Someone at her work, sent this to my wife and I had to show it to you.
See, the activists actually believe this stuff.
According to the book, Mommy is a Democrat because she makes sure we all share our toys (just like Democrats*), wants to keep us safe (just like Democrats**) and makes sure kids go to school (just like Democrats***).
Please, someone buy this book for me. I cannot bring myself to buy something like this... but I need this next to my Jon Stewart book.
* but only the Socialist Democrats, not the Clintonite, Welfare reformers
** of course, the Republicans want to put children in danger (and eat them, when hungry)
***only public schools for the poor kids and nice private schools for the wealthy elite Democrats

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mike said...


some what related...

i was teaching my story of the church course at church the other day and one of the older (and progressive) folks in the church pointed out that as christians we should not be republican or democrat and went on to demonstrate how our faith is co-opted by political parties.

now i am not sure why that is related at all...