Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Gives Soldiers Low Morale

In case you missed this last week, this is from Tom Ricks, writer of Fiasco and Washington Post military correspondent comes this list of the 10 worst things for the morale of soldiers according to an officer who has served to tours in Iraq (none of which has to do with media coverage or resolutions of disapproval, all of which are trumpeted by the Right Wing and Fox News as bad for troop morale).

Ten Worst
1. getting blown up
2. buddies getting blown up
3. re-securing a town we secured year before last
4. "Taps"
5. the "catch and release" detainee program
6. colostomy bags
7. civilian young men who won't look me in the eye when I'm in uniform
8. any scene from any shopping mall anywhere in America
9. editorials pointing out that casualties are "light by historical standards"
10. lies

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