Sunday, March 11, 2007

10 best things for troop Morale

In the last post, I gave you Tom Ricks' list of the 10 worst things for a soldier's morale according to an officer serving in Iraq. Here is the list of the 10 best things for morale (none of which includes rallies, resolutions, photo ops by politicians or bumper stickers).

Ten Best
1. Iraqis willing to fight for their country
2. good sergeants
3. clean, dry socks and T-shirts
4. cigarettes and chai without body armor
5. the USO at the DFW airport
6. meeting an Iraqi leader from my last tour who's still alive
7. "nothing significant to report"
8. sleep and KBR macadamia nut cookies (tie)
9. dead generals (this one is hypothetical, at least for the past six years, but Ridgeway said "It's good for the troops' morale to see a dead general every once in a while.")
10. truth


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