Monday, April 02, 2007

good riddance UF Coach and players

I have been quiet lately, but would like to announce that I hearby fully support the Kentucky Wildcats pursuit of Billy Donovan to be their new basketball coach. I also would like to encourage Coach Donovan to take the money and run to UK. The grass is bluer and all FSU fans will applaud your decision to take better care of your family by giving them more financial resources and land to raise horses.

Please, LEAVE (oh, and take Urban Meyer with you).

To the University of Florida: you are a football school. You should not pay a basketball coach, no matter how good he is, the absurd amount of money UK will pay. If you do, then you will have to pay your football coach even more. Remember you are trying to play with the big boys and become a flagship academic school. You cannot do that if you pay exorbitant amounts of money to ball coaches.

to the UF players- All of you need to leave for the NBA. Just leave and sit on the benches of mediocre NBA teams (and remember losing to FSU this basketball season).

thank you for your consideration (I am nothing if not helpful).

btw- thank God I will not have to see Joakim Noah in a college bball uniform ever again. I predict he will be an NBA flop. He will quickly become my least favorite pro player (ursurping the spot Shaq has sat for 10+ years). This is sad because I loved his father. He was one of my favorite tennis players growing up.

no I am not bitter!


Steven said...

This made me laugh - only because I've thought all the same things about FSU over the years.

You know, back when we Gators were worried about FSU. ;)

laci said...
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laci said...

amen. and amen. (esp in regard to joakim noah)

i picked florida to win, and rooted against them the entire tournament. stupid kansas...

james said...

Dude...did you catch Noah on the mic and doing the Beavis "cornhoolio" after the win? I have no words. You can see it Here and Here.


Rick said...

what a self obsessed jerk